Maintenance Technician – Full-time

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Job Description
Experience and Training:
This position requires knowledge and ability in the field of electrician with an emphasis on PLC boards, drives and motor controllers, ladder logic and industrial grade electronics. As all maintenance staff works together, some work in millwright or industrial equipment repair is expected.
Must be willing to seek out and assess repair options, present those options to management personnel and assist in the option selection. Examples of the selection criteria are: safety, longevity, efficiency and cost. Ability to perform routine work: Areas of proficiency include but are not limited to: use of precision tools and measuring instruments, computer diagnostics, voltage and amp meters, industrial electrical equipment and the proper use of machine shop tools and power equipment. Manual Or Motor (Machine) Operations: requires a very high degree of physical adroitness and strength in most routine tasks. Normal repair and maintenance can involve working atop scaffolding or ladders. Heavy lifting is required in carrying tools and equipment to locations. Working positions vary greatly from task to task.
Physical Demands/WORKING CONDITIONS: (see attached physical specification form for physical demands)
Very noisy during production runs. Must be able to work comfortably with hearing protective devices, safety shoes and eye protection at times. Areas to be serviced can be laden with paper dust, grease, oil or printing ink. Due to industry related deadlines; may be called upon to perform emergency repairs on a 24 hour day and 7 day week basis. Some weekend work can be expected as routine also. Requires a very safety conscious attitude to work with dangerous machinery, power equipment and materials.
  1. Repair, modify and assist in the maintenance of the Offset Printing Presses, inserting equipment and support equipment/systems (compressors, air, ink, plates, fountain solution and product conveyors). This is an electrical technician with emphasis on those skills or aspects of maint. However, all technicians support each other so this will involve mechanical work.
  2. Meet and complete all preventive maintenance schedules and requirements.
  3. Continuous monitoring of all equipment to ensure safety and maximum production.
  4. Order parts and supplies as needed.
  5. Other tasks deem necessary by the manager.
Education: High School graduate with at least two years trade school degree or equivalent experience in a mechanical/electrical related field.
Apply online at and search for requisition 14180.
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