Electric Line Worker Apprentice

City of Gainesville
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$19.90 - $43.27 Hourly
Gainesville, FL
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Full-Time Regular
Job Number
4/18/2021 11:59 PM Eastern
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The Energy Delivery department of Gainesville Regional Utilities (GRU) is seeking an experienced Electric Line Worker - Apprentice to join our dynamic team.

Minimum requirements include graduation from high school or possession of an acceptable equivalency diploma, and one (1) year of experience as an electric utility ground worker, utility line helper, or construction worker with experience working on aerial trucks or derrick trucks with ropes and rigging, or in an assignment that provided working knowledge of electric theory, wiring, tree trimming, pipe installation, or similar equivalent combination of training and experience which provides the required knowledge, skills, and abilities. Persons hired into this classification must participate in the GRU Progression-Through-Training Program (PTTP) for the Electric Lineworker Apprentice classification.

Prior experience in construction, maintenance and repair of overhead and underground electrical systems is preferred. Job duties include assisting in placing poles, pulling wires, burying cables, supplying equipment to line worker, passing tools and materials to supervisor on a pole, keeping crew truck stocked with necessary parts and materials, responding with team to electric system trouble calls.  Responsibilities also include climbing poles, placing crossarms, strings wires, setting transformers and underground pedestals.


Valid state Driver License required at time of appointment; valid Florida Drivers license required within 39 days of hire and at all times while employed in this classification.
CDL class "A" instructional permit required at time of appointment. 
CDL class "A" license with additional endorsements in Air Brakes/Combination Vehicles required within six (6) months of date of appointment. 


  • Work requires physical strength and agility sufficient to perform essential functions.
  • Work may require exposure to hazardous conditions and noxious chemicals.
    Work may require performance of tasks outdoors under varying climatic conditions. Must be able to safely work in and on equipment with designated safety restrictions.
  • Must have the ability to lift 80 pounds unassisted using proper lifting techniques.
  •  Must have the physical ability to work perform work at elevations exceeding 150 feet by means of aerial lifts, ladders, stairs, and climbing wood and steel structures with appropriate gear.
  • Work frequently requires bending, kneeling, crawling, walking, standing, pushing, pulling and working at or above shoulder level.
  • Must be able to operate both light and heavy duty equipment after proper license and training is obtained.
  • Residential Boundary Requirement - Must live within 40 minutes of NW 34th St. & 39th Ave. within one year of appointment.
  • Must attend work on continuous and regular basis.
  • The selected candidate must also have a State of Florida CDL instructional permit at time of appointment and obtain a Class "A" CDL with Air Brakes/Combination Vehicles endorsements within six months of appointment.

** May fill multiple positions ** 
** May establish an eligibility list for future hiring. **
** May require additional assessments to fill the position. **


Job Description


This is semi-skilled work in constructing, maintaining, and repairing overhead and underground electrical distribution and transmission systems.
Positions allocated to this classification report to a designated supervisor and work under direct supervision. Work in this class is distinguished from other classes by its limited technical skills and its emphasis on learning electric line work.


Constructs, maintains, and repairs electrical overhead and underground distribution and transmission systems including stringing conductors, setting poles and anchors, hanging or setting transformers, lighting arrestors, cutouts, crossarms, insulators, and other associated plant.
Directs the work of personnel of equal or lesser classification.
Responds to trouble calls and to service interruption reports on electrical distribution system.
Removes immediate hazards to life and property.
Performs switching operation of circuit reclosers, single and gang operated disconnect switches, and sectionalizers, pad mounted switch gears, and subsurface switch gears. Installs and removes from service voltage regulating devices.
Assists in training subordinates in overhead and underground installations and maintenance activities.
Splices and terminates primary and secondary cables.
Operates primary and secondary line locating equipment.
Plans work activities to prevent injury and property damage.
Inspects contracted electrical construction work.
Prepares and completes required documentation.
Operates heavy motorized equipment used in construction and maintenance of electric overhead and underground systems.
Works in accordance with and assists in enforcing safety rules and regulations.
Performs work on unleveled surfaces, within manholes (vaults), from aerial devices and climbs poles.
Responds under emergency conditions.
Attends work on continuous and regular basis.

Cleans and services tools and equipment.
May frequently chauffeur other employees, depending upon assignment and work location.
May be required to transport, mix, handle or use hazardous materials (other than cans of gasoline, batteries, pumping fuel or access to normal janitorial cleaning materials) or may be responsible for facilities or equipment carrying current, fluids or gas that could endanger the public or other employees.
May direct the work of employees designated as performing "safety sensitive" functions, for purposes of the Drug Free Workplace Program, depending on job assignment and work location.
Performs other related duties as assigned.
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