Operations Specialist

Job Description

Your Company:

Feathr provides a modern digital marketing software solution for associations, nonprofits, credit unions, and event organizations. We unify our customer's marketing efforts with our platform including website analytics, targeted digital advertising, influencer marketing, and more.

Feathr is one of the fastest-growing SaaS companies in Gainesville, Florida with over 1500 international clients (majority are based in London, NYC, and DC). Our people are what make the difference. We’re looking for a unique individual who will dive right in, develop deep empathy for our customers, and accelerate Feathr's growth!   

Customer Success Operations Specialist:

Compensation: $50,000 annual base salary + bi-annual variable comp based on goal achievement

Benefits: Health, dental, vision, 4-day work week, Summr and Wintr breaks, paid vacation + Unlimited sick time   

Your Work:

The Customer Success (CS) team at Feathr is ultimately responsible for the retention and expansion of our Small to Medium Business (SMB) customer segment. The Customer Success Operations Coordinator is a new role that will work cross-departmentally alongside Customer Success team leadership to make the CS team even more proficient in achieving our goals. The CS team includes a director, manager, team leads, customer success managers and customer marketing and this role reports to the Director. The primary focus of the role will be to improve the Customer Success teams efficiency, productivity, and goal attainment. They will appreciate the complexity of the CSM role and think critically about how to simplify it. The ideal candidate for this role is practical, a strong problem solver, analytical, detail-oriented, process and data driven, and has the ability to take an ambiguous task and solve it with minimal guidance.    

Your Experience

  • 2+ years experience in SaaS environment ideally with customer facing operations
  • 2+ years experience with Salesforce (or similar CRM tool)     

Your Qualities

  • Proficiency with Excel and/or Google Sheets​​
  • Practice clear communication - You favor simple, concise, and audience-friendly communication
  • Organized and detail-oriented - You are obsessed with digital organization and cleanliness
  • Autonomous Learner - You are determined to rapidly and independently absorb information and adapt to unexpected challenges in a growth oriented environment
  • Generalist - You prefer working on different projects in different areas over focusing and perfecting one task
  • Adaptable, Flexible, and Resilient - You enjoy an unpredictable and ambiguous work environment. You are proactive in defining uncertainty and solving for missing pieces
  • Project Management Mindset - When assigned a project, you take the initiative to gather resources, organize project details, find answers, and follow through to project completion
  • Open to feedback - Our work is rarely done or perfect. You accept and implement the feedback you receive and see it as a necessary part of professional growth    

Your Day

  • Work closely with CS Stakeholders to understand what projects and priorities are they are focused on and immersing yourself in their day to day metrics/KPIs and workflows
  • Review current state of the data, organization configuration, and workflows being executed with sales and marketing technologies and recommend changes to the current usage of each tool
  • Create efficiencies and automations for the Customer Success team to increase performance​​
  • Provide weekly updates on projects that inevitably will help drive a positive customer experience, revenue growth, and operational scalability
  • Work with and administer aspects of other customer success and sales tools like Salesforce, Pandadoc, Front, Hubspot, Feathr app, Gong, etc. as necessary.
  • Provide reports analyzing the results of activities related to key business metrics to senior leadership
  • Prioritize between many duties based upon current company needs
  • Identify gaps to create new process and own the project to completion   


Base salary for this position is $50,000 dependent on experience and credentials, and bi-annual variable compensation dependent on goal achievement.

In addition, you’ll receive health/dental/vision insurance, and other benefits like a professional development budget, office food, and social events, not to mention being a part of a supportive and motivated team.   


Feathr is headquartered in Gainesville, FL. We prioritize local Gainesville candidates or those willing to relocate (and we are willing to partially subsidize relocation). If you aren’t familiar, Gainesville is a hip mid-sized city with a talented, innovative population, incredible surrounding nature, and excellent quality of life. That said, for more experienced candidates, we are open to accommodating remote work in nearby Florida cities.     

Interview Process

As a part of our commitment to creating a fair, equitable, and positive interview experience for all candidates, we offer full transparency of our interview stages to give applicants an idea of the time and effort involved. Additionally, each interview stage consists of standardized questions and rubrics with a scoring system to ensure a consistent and fair assessment practice of all candidates.

Application Screen - The Talent Acquisition Specialist reviews and follows up with all applicants. Candidates at this stage are assessed based on the requirements outlined in the job post.

Information Screening - The Talent Acquisition Specialist will follow up with a few questions via email to candidates that move forward. These questions will be focused on relevant work experience, compensation, role overview, and answering any questions the candidate has.

Work Assignment - Candidates will be given 3 days to complete a project that is relevant to the work they can expect in the role. The completion of the assignment should not take more than 1 hour. 

Hiring Manager Interview - The hiring manager will review the work assignment with the candidate to learn more about their thought process and offer feedback on their project.

Panel Interview - 1 hour interview with three key members of the team. This interview will dive deeper into the role, technical knowledge, and requirements of the position.

Reference Check - At this time, we will reach out to candidates’ references. This is also the opportunity for candidates to provide any additional information or context if there are concerns surrounding their background check. Feathr believes candidates that have made it to this point in the interview process are truly talented individuals, and so we are open to dialoguing background screens before turning away candidates that have consistently excelled through the interview process.

Offer - The Talent Acquisition Specialist will reach out with the details of the offer to discuss with the candidate. After all the details of the informal offer are finalized, the candidate will receive their formal offer. At this time, we will run the background check.    


If you require accommodations or assistance during the application or interview process due to a disability, please submit a request via this Candidate Reasonable Accommodation Request Form.  

Healthcare and Personal:

We offer full vision and dental, life and 99% medical coverage from top providers keeping you and your family in the best shape. 

In lieu of observing federal holidays, Feathr offers a 4-day workweek, unlimited sick time, 10 PTO days upon hire, a Summr and Winter break, and parental leave. You can read more about Feathr's decision to move to a 4-day workweek here.   


Like every company, we have an acronym that conveys the most important aspects of the culture we strive to have, ours is PACTS: 

Practicality: Am I incrementally improving something or delaying perfection?

Ambition: Am I staying in my comfort zone as opposed to learning and communicating what is necessary to solve the real challenges?

Clarity: Is my audience understanding what I’m communicating?

Trust: Am I being sincere and trusting others to do the same?

Service: Am I expecting more from myself than from others? 

This acronym is only as useful as the integrity of the people who reference it and believe in it. Every person at Feathr will face challenges, the most important quality is a commitment to work through those challenges with self-awareness and honesty.     

Office and Location:

After operating remotely throughout the pandemic for over a year, returning to the office, then transitioning back to a remote environment, Feathr has made the exciting decision to officially move to a hybrid work model before 2022. Currently, we are open to considering candidates within Gainesville, or a close enough distance to travel to the office as-needed. Requirements of in-person attendance are still being determined and will likely be established by department leaders for their team.

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