Gainesville Health & Fitness Center
Job Description
Full or Part-Time:

We provide exceptionally maintained equipment and facilities. We go to great extremes to create systems of preventative maintenance to ensure 100% facility satisfaction and safety. 

We accomplish our goals by: 
  • Maintaining an equipment turnover rate of two days or less. 
  • Maintaining an A level on preventative maintenance schedules. 
  • Finding new ways to keep equipment in top condition. 
  • Maintaining a state of the art facility in perfect working order. 
At Gainesville Health & Fitness there is no such thing as “That is not my job”. As a maintenance team member, you will have an array of jobs with various levels of urgencies. The jobs are broken up into two categories: Facilities and Equipment. Amongst those two categories, there are three agendas: Preventative, Repair, and Project/Building. 
  • Conducting routine inspections of premises and equipment. 
  • Performing preventative maintenance. 
  • Handling basic repairs and maintenance. 
  • Overseeing contractors when professional repairs are necessary. 
  • Diagnosing mechanical issues and correcting them. 
  • Repairing machines, equipment, or structures as necessary. 
  • Patch and painting 

· Attending and participating in all meetings determined by Direct Report 
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